Self-Defense Training

The benefits of self-defense training extend far beyond simply being less vulnerable to personal injury. People involved with this type of education soon realize that the "fringe benefits" often out-weigh the direct advantages of personal safety. You will experience large boosts in:

  • self-esteem
  • self-confidence
  • being prepared for any type of altercation

Reduced anxiety throughout one's daily life, both at work and at home, are the result of satisfying a psychological need that reaches the level of the necessities of food, clothing and shelter.

Innovative employers recognize this is one of the most significant motivational tools available to them. Personal feelings of security translates to self-confidence which results in a more productive, happier employee.

Mr. Hart has conducted thousands of self-defense seminars and training courses for a variety of individuals, corporations, law enforcement personnel and other groups. He has worked extensively with children teaching self-defense at schools and participating in D.A.R.E. programs.

A few of these groups are listed below:

  • Emerson Electric Companies
  • Maritz Corporation
  • City of St. Louis Police Department
  • Imperial Guard of the Emperor of Japan
  • Chuck Norris’ Karate Studios
  • St. Louis Rams Football Club
  • City of St. Louis School District
  • Parkway School District
  • Villa Duchesne High School

All seminars and training courses emphasis the concept of "violence avoidance". Through our training, people learn to stop dangerous situations from escalating to the point of physical contact. However, becoming competent with the physical skills necessary to defend oneself is a key to real safety.

Our "Tactical Self-Defense Course #1" accomplishes this by teaching the following:

  1. How to conduct oneself in public to project confidence and deter an attack
  2. Recognizing signs of a potentially threatening situation
  3. How to defuse a dangerous situation and avoid violence, if possible
  4. Physical skills including long-range & close-quarter tactics, hold-breaking, ground fighting and other techniques

The physical aspects of the complete training courses accomplish our goals by:

  • Establishing proficiency in a limited number of effective techniques
  • Tailoring training to each individual's strengths and abilities
  • Developing the proper mindset and awareness to react quickly and effectively when threatened

The course consists of six sessions scheduled over a three-week period. Each two-hour session includes both a lecture segment and "hands-on" training. These parameters can be adjusted to fit your needs. Introductory, intermediate and advanced courses are available.

Mr. Hart is available for one-time seminars or complete training courses. Our goal is be flexible in order to meet the needs of our clients. Seminars & courses can be conducted at the client’s location or our facility as required for your convenience and to meet your budget. For more information, click here.

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